With drones steadily becoming ever more affordable to everyday people, the general use for these amazing flying gizmos has only continued to soar. This includes their potential for entertainment purposes, springing forth a whole range of fun new activities to try out.

Aerial Photography & Videos

We already know that drones are great at capturing incredible footage from the air, allowing breath-taking shots and angles that previously could only be done with expensive equipment and helicopters.

For the everyday person with a passion for the visual arts of photography and film, an active content creator, or perhaps someone just having fun, drones have become an expressive tool like no other. With high-resolution cameras, a ton of smart features as well as easy connection to smart devices, and superb intuitive control, drones can provide a whole new world of creative fun.

VR Drones & Drone Racing

Perhaps one of the most exciting developments for drones yet, VR headsets can now be linked directly to a drone’s camera, giving the flyer an amazing first-person perspective. Not only does this make flying the drone an incredibly thrilling experience, but it also provides a far greater sense of awareness and control. This allows drone flyers to perform spectacular stunts and manoeuvres and has also given rise to a popular new sport called drone racing.

Synchronised Light Shows

Another aspect of drones that has become useful is for visual entertainment. For instance, multiple drones can be made to perform dazzling synchronised light shows. Though mostly seen at big events like tech conventions and music concerts, the increasing affordability of drones is gradually bringing this sort of opportunity into the hands of the general public.

A Great Toy For The Kids

A range of cheap toy drones from kids, young and old, are also becoming ever more widely available. The uses for these are multi-fold. Not only are they great fun as a toy, coming in a range of prices and features, but they can also provide a much cheaper way to learn and practice flying. They are generally also small enough to fly indoors, and to not do any major damage to themselves, to people or animals, or anything else they may collide with. Though you will probably still need to secure your vases, and avoid ceiling fans, just in case.

A Future Of Great Potential

No doubt the uses for drones will only continue to grow as we head into the future. Being the most viable answer to the long sought-after autonomous “flying car”, we might even soon be riding in them through the clouds while we play at an online casino South Africa.

A natural next step to this could be manned-drone racing, as well as the development of personal transports drones in a myriad of sizes and applications. For instance, imagine small passenger drones for commuting, or going on scenic nature trails, or racing along three-dimensional tracks and obstacle courses. The potential for drone technology is massive, and with the rapid rate of progress, likely also just around the corner.

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