The Harry Potter series is one of the most famous books in history and has sold over sixty million copies worldwide. The books themselves have won a number of awards, including the Nobel Prize. There are many collectible Harry Potter items, such as books, movies, and candy. Some of the most popular items are Harry Potter candles, which are usually shaped like Harry Potter’s head and made out of special paper. These candles can be found at a variety of stores, and they are made from real wax, so you know that they will last forever, and they are also not made of artificial colors or flavors.

Harry Potter themed candy is also a popular gift idea. These types of candies are perfect for any person, man, woman, or child. These candies can be personalized with a message, and there are also several styles of Harry Potter coffee mugs that feature the wizard’s image on them. The mugs are usually very thick and small, and they make a great way to bring someone some Harry Potter candy during the holiday season.

Harry Potter party games can also be set up, and these are great for kids and adults. The most popular game is a variation of hide and seek. You will need plenty of different color blinds, and red and blue colors for the Harry Potter figures to wander around in. All of your guests should be brought into the room, and then once everyone knows who has what figure, they can each try to find it among the blinds. This game is best played with at least four or five people, because it can get messy if more than that many people are present.

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