The Popular eSports Discipline is one of the core aspects of any successful Team League game. While it can be easy to throw together a good enough roster of players that make up a solid comp or carry team performance, it is the Popular eSports Disciplines that separates the wheat from the chaff and help to create a winning roster. There are many potential teams out there with players with diverse talents but are not disciplined enough to stay on top of their game.

This is what separates the good from the great and the bad from the average. It is not uncommon for a good comp to fall apart because of unruly or inconsistent players. On the other hand, a team that has a consistent comp and understands the game and its requirements may be able to go undefeated through the season. In the end, the team with the most disciplined players is going to have the most success.

This discipline also helps to ensure that each member of the team has a clear understanding of their role within the game. Each player should know when they are performing their duties on the field and why. For example, there are several players on a comp team that play the safe side in most situations but fail to put in the necessary hours to practice. As a result, the team is not able to overcome their deficiencies and are destined to fail. The same can be said of other players on the team that are not dedicated to their roles and may not know the importance of staying on track. This is why the most popular discipline is self-imposed.

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