If you’re looking to make a sparkling career in the financial market, the regulatory bodies such as the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) offer you a wide range of certifications – the National Institute of Securities Market (NISM Certification) is one of them.

It assesses a candidate’s skills and practical knowledge related to several operations in financial markets. Moreover, to allow the market to keep growing, every individual who participates in the exam needs to keep their caliber at a higher interest.

Tips to Prepare for NISM Exam 

Although it’s surely not easy to gain a high score on the first attempt of your NISM exam, you can easily make your preparation efficient by following the tips and strategies listed below. Following these tips will ensure that you’re doing your preparation properly:

  1. Manage Your Time

Consider taking a look at your syllabus and make a study plan accordingly. Moreover, keep yourself reminded that you’ve got a vast schedule to cover, and every second matters for you. Therefore, determine your weaknesses and strengths in the syllabus and prepare accordingly.

With good time management, you can perform very well on your first attempt. Furthermore, to gain an edge over other aspirants, you can consider solving NISM Mock Test to get a clear idea about the varieties of questions asked in the exam.

  1. Choose Your Desired Exam

When talking about NISM, there are fourteen different exams conducted under it. Each of these subsets has a unique curriculum that differs greatly from the other. For example, the NISM mutual fund exam and Currency Derivatives exam are two different exams for dealers and mutual fund advisors respectively.

Choosing the right exam is a crucial part of your success because there are certain exams that you’ll find easier than the others. Therefore, make sure you choose your desired exam after carefully analyzing the curriculum and opportunities.

  1. Ask for Expert’s Help 

If you’re in doubt with a particular question or unsure about something, all you need to do is find the right person to help you. Consider talking to your teachers and your known ones who have cleared the exam to guide and teach you the proper techniques and principles to solve problems.

Furthermore, you can also ask them to provide you their notes and study material for revision. Engage in interesting conversations related to the exam that’ll help you stay motivated about it and keep working harder to prepare for it.

  1. Understand the Concepts

Make sure you have access to the right NISM Study Material to get familiar with the concepts related to the market and its importance. Moreover, ensure that all your resources are organized systematically for a better understanding of the topic.

The Takeaway 

The National Stock Exchange regulated NISM certification is surely not the easiest, but the efforts are surely worth the results. With the above tips and strategies in mind, you can easily make a good preparation and increase your chances of passing the exam.


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