The question of why Bandhej Sarees & Bandhani Chaniya Choli never go out of style has been a perplexing one for many people, ever since the two Indian ethnic wear became a hot craze in the sixties. Nowadays, contemporary designs, prints, and shades remain extremely different from the time’s conventional attire. Even today, many fashion Gurus still insist that these Saree clothes are among the country’s original Saree designs. However, others point out that while Bandhani Lehangas and Sarees have always been in vogue, they have gained ground only in the last few years. With their sudden fame came the demand for more intricate colors and designs. With all this going on, it seems that this ethnic wear is here to stay.

Bandhani Dupattas and Sarees in Various Colours

Bandhani Dupattas and Sarees are available in heavyweight fabrics like gaji silk and satin and lightweight fabrics like Georgette. They do come in several colours such as pink, red, yellow, brown, and gold, among other classic colours. Since they’re meant to get worn with a Dupatta many times, they must be chosen for their colour coherence with the rest of the outfit. This is where the new age fashion rule of matching the Saree colour with that of the outerwear comes into play. However, while this rule is applicable, it must also be kept in mind that two Sarees paired with the same outerwear would look as though they are being worn separately, which is not a good sight at all.

Bandhani Combating Several New-Age Patterns

One must also keep in mind that these Bandhej Sarees are meant to accentuate the woman’s beauty and not the other way round. This is why unlike Western-style dresses, Indian clothing with Bandhani Dupattas has no separate division for women’s dresses based on their size. Thus, women of various sizes can find a pair of Sarees that will flatter them. The design also has to be taken into consideration while selecting the best Saree. For example, a petite lady might not consider a piece with a high neckline to be ideal; she can wear one with a low neckline that is modest and classy.

Fabric & Comfort of the Bandhani Cholis & Sarees

It is also important to consider the Bandhani Chaniya Choli or Saree fabric while selecting the perfect piece for yourself. Georgette is taken to be the best choice for most Indian women because of its comfort and ability to allow air circulation to the skin. This way, you can be sure of your Sarees’ comfort even after hours of walking and sweating in hot weather. However, one must remember that georgette is not the only fabric used in Sarees and Lehengas; cotton, gaji silk and satin are equally popular in Indian fashion as well.

The Right Colors to Accentuate the Looks

When selecting a Saree for yourself, you must choose one that comes in bright colours like red, blue, green, yellow, and orange. These colours look vibrant and uplifting when worn on the body and make you feel comfortable. Moreover, they are good to look at and enhance your personality too.

Summing Up

The price of Sarees and Bandhani Lehengas is another important consideration that must be made while buying them. There is no hard rule regarding this. However, it is apt to stick to the range of prices you have in mind instead of going for cheap ones that are not suitable for any occasion. The perfect Saree for you should be within your budget but can offer the same fashion and look you want to achieve.

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